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 Mirage-Kfir and Mi-17

 1.       Oxygen regulators (USA-French)

2.       Eyectables Racor

3.       Manual Command

4.       Reducing valves

5.       Pneumatic selenoide valves

6.       Oxygen masks

7.       Rafts

8.       Slides (slide rafts)

9.       Lifevests

10.   Personal equipments

11.   Engine Extinguishers (Halon 1211, 1301, others)

12.   Alternators and Generators

13.   Portable Extinguishers

14.   Pneumatics and Oxygen portable test sets

15.   Manufacturing, updating, maintenance and modifications of Oxygen bench tests

16.   Hydrostatics test and overhaul to Oxygen cylinders, extinguishers, cryogenics containers of different gases for weapons cooling systems

17.   Maintenance and overhaul for mechanical accessories of helicopters

·         Main rotor hub, Main gear boxes, Main Rotor mast

·         Swash plate and support; 42° Grade gear boxes;

·         90° grade gear box; Driveshaft hanger; Tail rotor hub

·         Main and Tail Rotor blades